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2019 Presentations
March 12: Boston, Mass NAEA Research pre-conference

March 16: Boston, Mass NAEA Conference

July 13: Ashland, Oregon Southern Oregon University’s Creativity Conference

July 27: Nashville, Tennessee World Council for Gifted & Talented Children 


On Human Potential


According to experts in educational measurement, current and past performance remains the best single predictor of future performance. This book seeks to maximize individual and institutional efforts to support students optimal development, specifically their talents. The Talent Record introduced a common language, cataloging, and recording levels of talent achieved thus far on a Talent Profile page. Communicating accomplishments in a common language across talent fields unites the ever-changing team of individuals associated with a child’s development and advances meaningful educational practice. 

Providing a graceful, down-to-earth tri-part intertwining of research from multiple disciplines with tenets of professional educational practice with principles of positive parenting

F. Richard Olenchak, PhD, Purdue University


Sandra Kay offers insight into the talent development process and provides a roadmap for teachers and others to ensure

that each student’s capabilities are recognized and developed to their fullest potential.

Linda Brody, EdD, director,  Johns Hopkins University

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